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Payroll processing is so simple to do in UAE. Can you make a mistake when choosing the right payroll outsourcing service provider to process your payroll from Dubai or Abu Dhabi? It is, unfortunately. There are a lot of payroll outsourcing companies within the UAE with varied experience and some with questionable business practices. A few services are reliable and can meet international quality standards for service.

Here are ten things you must consider during the selection of your payroll outsourcing partner procedure for the UAE:

  1. Service Scope Similar to other professional services knowing and defining the scope of payroll outsourcing services is the most crucial selection process. A reputable service provider will offer a precise definition of the scope, clearly defining your and their obligations. It is a problem if the scope of their services is contained only on one page and does not include the following areas:
    1. Updates to the regulatory framework
    2. Payments and filings for statutory filings
    3. Calculations at the end of service
    4. Transfers of salary and WPS
    5. Payroll distribution and report distribution
    6. Assistance with audit
    7. Calculations made retroactively
    8. Financial accruals
    9. Management leave
  2. In-Country presence Many service providers claim they offer payroll outsourcing solutions in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, UAE, and the Middle East but do not have offices or employees in these areas. Beware of the service providers who handle your payroll but cannot assist you when an employee of the Ministry of Labor walks into your workplace.
  3. Global Payroll Network MembershipCheck to see if the prospective service provider is a member of a global outsourcing network. Service providers must undergo a thorough due diligence procedure before being recognized as a global network members. You’re less likely to fail when choosing a payroll outsourcing service provider who has completed this due diligence process. The company’s membership also means that you will have easy access to the world’s most extensive payroll outsourcing system if your business expands and you require payroll outsourcing outside of the UAE.
  4. Service Level Agreement – Make sure that you can confirm that the provider of service is prepared to sign an agreement on service levels that binds their charges to specific performance targets that include:
    1. Payroll calculation errors: a large number
    2. Timelines for processing and payments
    3. Time to respond to questions and queries
  5. Professional Indemnity Insurance Verify that the service provider has adequate professional indemnity insurance coverage. That lets you recover any damages caused by the negligence or omission of the company, which includes any fines imposed by the government for incorrect or delayed tax or payroll calculation.
  6. Payroll software’s a bit amazing that many payroll outsourcing service providers use Excel or other third-party software to calculate the payroll. Most of the Big 4 accounting firms in the UAE manage their clients’ payroll manually or using third-party software. That means that their services are costly. Even the tiniest modifications or changes to payroll reports are not feasible or extremely expensive.
  7. Electronic Interfaces You should determine if the service provider can connect electronically with your existing software, such as:
    1. Accounting Software to upload general ledger transactions
    2. HR software to download HR data
    3. Time and Attendance Software is used to download employee attendance records, i.e., overtime, absences, etc.
  8. Employee Self-Service Ask your payroll outsourcing company if they can give your employees access to an employee self-service portal and mobile apps to update their details, including requesting leave, keeping track of overtime, checking payslips, and more.
  9. Helpline Check that the service provider can access their staff members who deliver services off-hours and on weekends. Payroll is extremely sensitive to time. It is not a good idea to find yourself in a position where you have to contact the payroll outsourcing company urgently because your WPS report was rejected or the payroll calculations have to be updated. You cannot get in touch with anyone at the office of the service provider.
  10. References This is a matter of saying. Check the references of the service provider.

Outsourcing your payroll functions is likely to be one of the best options that you could do within the UAE or the Middle East in general. It can save you money and let you concentrate on other essential business activities. There’s an abundance of payroll outsourcing providers across Abu Dhabi and Dubai. But, you must be extremely cautious when choosing the best payroll outsourcing company for your company. You can find the most suitable and reliable provider if you make sure you ask the right questions during selecting.

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