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Payroll Outsourcing | Human Resources Consultancy in UAE

Employees of a business are one of the most important assets. Recruitment, training, job processing, and keeping talented professionals require a lot of effort and a skilled Human Resources (HR) department.

SimplySolved has the most efficient support team to assist you with the Human Resources process and outsourcing Payroll accounting within the UAE. Our expertise in this area is highly regarded due to our professional approach to work and maintaining confidentiality for our clients.

The outsourcing of HR & outsourcing Payroll services in Dubai can assist companies in limiting costs, reducing the risk of errors, minimizing the chance of mistakes by employers, ensuring the confidentiality of employees, and enhancing processes with efficiency and effectiveness. We provide the best services for payroll and HR within Dubai through the assistance of top-quality professionals. We provide the highest quality solutions for HR and payroll for all businesses.

The reason why HR and Payroll services in Dubai are so important?

HR is among the most crucial departments of any business that plays an important part in developing policies and procedures for workplace conditions. Additionally, HR must determine salaries and wages according to every employee’s working days and hours, in addition to the process of preparing a payment slip.

Furthermore, HR must reconcile with the accounting department’s wage and salaries account and keep the confidentiality of each employee’s pay amount and the related contract. We have resources in place to ensure that all tasks are handled by professionals while meeting the requirements of the law.

HR and Payroll Services Scope

  • Define the salary’s components
  • Make sure you have a record of your vacation for every employee
  • Calculate pay, deductions from checks and adjust according to the employee
  • Update and adapt the system of wages to ensure proper operation
  • Create a monthly outsourcing payroll of every employee, taking into consideration pay and benefits, and any other deductions
  • Validate payslips, and keep the register.
  • Keep track of payroll bookkeeping by recording journal entries
  • Confirm the balances to the Finance team

The benefits of outsourcing payroll are numerous. It reduces time, cost, and also headaches related to compliance. That is why many companies are outsourcing their payroll operations to professional service providers.

Time-saving and cost-saving

The process of processing payroll is a long-winded procedure that requires care and attention to the smallest of details. The amount of staff rise. Processing large amounts of personnel information and ensuring that the calculations are accurate involves a lot of time away from core business. Outsourcing payroll is a measure of the time that a business can earn back by outsourcing these functions. Your company could be better off outsourcing the payroll processes, from statutory filings to managing inquiries about payroll.

Enhance data security

The in-house payroll systems are susceptible to many risks such as identity theft and embezzlement. Even if you’re confident that your payroll program is secure, there’s a security risk associated with the server and network. Top-quality payroll outsourcing companies safeguard and store your information in extremely secure cloud-based servers. They use encryption technology to ensure your data is safe.

Benefits of the latest technology

Outsourced payroll service providers utilize advanced cloud-based technology. That ensures the integrity of data and allows for audit-tracking of payroll processing. Centralizing payroll data via cloud servers allows for 24/7 access for all users.

Service providers can also utilize cross-functional collaborations to work with payroll and HR systems. It offers several advantages over separate schemes, including time savings, greater efficiency, and lower administration and IT costs. It eliminates the need for teams to transfer their data manually before and after the processing process, making things more efficient and secure. For instance, changes made by HR like promotions, redundancies, etc., are sent to payroll, reducing time and minimizing the risk of mistakes.

The technology employed by outsourcing payroll companies can provide important insights into human resources management using advanced analytical tools.

Professional approach

A reliable outsourcing payroll company offers capabilities beyond what your company can accomplish by itself. Outsourcing a solution can provide security and help free your time, eventually cutting costs and reducing compliance risk.

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