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Welcome to Sophtware Kode Werks, home of a variety of Windows PC based software, ranging from computational and database related business packages to screen savers. Try before you buy! Download any of the packages and try for FREE. Then, if you decide to keep using them, obtain registration keys through our convenient online ordering system.

SKW Chicago Screen Saver
Day & night downtown Chicago, IL
SKW Ecuador Screen Saver
Ecuador, South America
SKW Alabama Fall Screen Saver
Fall foliage near Cheaha, AL
SKW Personal Picture Screen Saver
Use your pictures in this screen saver
EngineCR - internal combustion engine compression ratio calculator with database feature.
Calculate engine compression ratio
FileFindString - locate text strings in numerous ascii files.
Search multiple files for text strings
ImageView - imaging system database package that allows searching on filenames and keywords.
Imaging database system
EasyChat - multi-user network (WAN, LAN) based chat messaging system that does NOT require an Internet connection.
Multi user server-client chat program
TransmitNC - PC to CNC machine controller serial communication software. Network compatible. Supports long filenames.
PC to CNC machine communication software
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Note: to install and/or use any of these packages, you are subject to the LICENSE agreement.

Coffee Cup ClockMartini, Wine Bottle, Margarita, Beer Mug - 10 Piece Bar Display Kit
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